History of the Church

The Parish St. Jaseph Malankara Catholic Church, is situated in Fathimanager, in the Mehtukummal of the Vilavancode Taluk in Kanyakumari District. The place where the church stands was a magnanimous gift of the sons of Mr.Podiya Nadar, named Mr.Kesavan Aazan and Mr.Manaaz Nadar. This gift if 95 cents of land was received by Rev.Fr.Chennatt Mathai Kathanar, under whose initiative the church was built. In the primary stage of the building of the church, certain laity played their faithful vital role. Their names are as follows:

  • Mr. Yesaya Melepulloorvilai (late)
  • Mr. Pathrose Choozhal (late)
  • Mr.Arulappan Vadakaravilai (late)
  • Mr.Chellamuthu Manvilai (late)
  • Mr.Nesamony Ottaveetuvilai (late)
  • Mr.Paulose Nellikkavilai (late)
  • Mr.Ponnumuthan Fathimanagar (late)

The Parish Priests

  • Rev.Fr.Chennattu Mathai Cathanar (01-09-1935 to 25-12-1937)
  • Rev.Fr.Ephraem(26-12-1937 to 08-07-1939)
  • Rev.Fr.K G.Joshua (09-07-1939 to28-07-1939)
  • Rev.Fr.Francis Kodaganadi (29-07-1939 to 26-08-1939)
  • Rev.Fr. K G.Joshua (27-08-1939 to 28-07-1951)
  • Rev.Fr.C T.Mark (29-07-1951 to 12-06-1956)
  • Rev.Fr.Joseph Myla Cyril (13-06-1956 to 25-07-1959)
  • Rev.Fr.George Plavila (26-07-1959 to 05-09-1961)
  • Rev.Fr.Plathiyas C M I (06-09-1961 to 02-07-1962)
  • Rev.Fr.Thomas Valiyavilai (03-07-1962 to 18-06-1963)
  • Rev.Fr.Mathew Ponmelil (19-06-1963 to 30-06-1964)
  • Rev.Fr.Daniel Thottam (01-07-1964 to 04-06-1968)
  • Rev.Fr.Augustin Viruppel (05-06-1968 to 27-09-1968)
  • Rev.Fr.Joshua Thazhathethil (27-09-1968 to 11-06-1969)
  • Rev.Fr.Zachariyas Kuzhipparambil (12-06-1969 to 06-06-1970)
  • Rev.Fr.Jacob Kaliyanthanath (07-06-1970 to 18-07-1972)
  • Rev.Fr.John Kuttiyil (19-07-1972 to 24-09-1976)
  • Rev.Fr. Joshua Thazhathethil (25-09-1976 to 14-06-1978)
  • Rev.Fr.John Thazhayil (15-06-1978 to 14-05-1983)
  • Rev.Fr.Joseph Plankalai (15-05-1983 to 04-02-1994)
  • Rev.Fr.Premkumar (05-02-1994 to 14-02-1996)
  • Rev.Fr.Celestin (15-02-1996 to 09-08-1998)
  • Rev.Fr.George Thavarathil (10-08-1998 to 02-05-2003)
  • Rev.Fr.Justin Nullikkadu (03-05-2003 to 21-01-1006)
  • Rev.Fr.Bernad Nadutherivilai (22-01-2006 to 21-01-2010)
  • Rev.Fr.Arul das Kalluvilai (24-05-2010 Till date

In 1-9-1935, Rev.Fr. Chennatt Mathai Kathanar commenced the church in the name 'kulappuram parish', which contained about 50 families. He resided in Ambilikonam and rendered his valuable service to the parish together with the Franciscan Brothers, from 1-9-1935 to 25-12-1937.

After him Rev. Fr. Ephrem continued the mission from 26-12-1937 to 8-7-1939. During his period of service about 125 families received baptism and joined catholic faith.

Then Rev. Fr. K.G. Joshua rendered his service for a short period from 9-7-1939 to 28-7-1939 and succeeding him Rev. Fr. Francis Kadakanadi served for a short while from 29-7-1939 to 26-8-1939.

But, after Rev.Fr.Francis kadakanadi, for the second time Rev. Fr. K.G. Joshua became the Parish priest and continued the mission of Christ for about 13 years from 27-8-1939 to 28-7-1951 and brought many a nuclear of people to catholic faith.

Succeeding him Rev. Fr.C.T.Mark rendered his holy service for five years from 29-7-1951 to 12-6-1956. Then Rev. Fr. Joseph Mailacyril worked in this parish for a short period from 13-6-1956 to 25-7-1959.

Rev.Fr.George Plavilai served this Parish from 26-7-1959 to 5-9-1961, Rev.Fr.Philothias CMI from 6-9-1961 to 2-7-1962, Rev.Fr.Thomas Valiyavilai from 3-7-1962 to 18-6-1963 and Rev.Fr.Mathew Ponmelil from 19-6-1963 to 30-6-1964.

During the period of service of Rev.Fr.Daniel Thottam, the Parish was divided for development into two other sub parishes has namely pushpagiri and Adaikkakuzhi. Since the mother parish church was small enough to hold all the laity of the parish, Rev.Fr.Daniel Thottam extended the church by its right side. He rendered his service from 1-7-1964 to 4-6-1968.

After him Rev.Fr.Augustin Viruppel served the parish from 5-6-1968 to 27-9-1968, then Rev.Fr.Joshua Thazathethil from 28-9-1968 to 11-6-1969. During his service period, the church bell tower was built by the financial support by Mr. Chellappan and Mrs.Rossamma.

Succeeding Rev.Fr.Joshua Thazhathethil, Rev.Fr.Zacharias Kulappuram served in the parish from 12-6-1969 to 6-6-1970. Then Rev.Fr.Jacob Kazhiyanthanath rendered his service from 7-6-1970 to 18-7-1972 and after him Rev.Fr.John Kuttiyil served from 19-7-1972 to 24-9-1976.

After him Rev.Fr.Joshua Thazathethil became the parish priest for the second time succeeding him Rev.Fr.John Thazhayil became the parish priest and during his time the name kulappuram parish was changed to St.Joseph's Malankara, Catholic Church. Fathimanagar the name was proposed by Mr. P. Johnson. Then by the intimate help of Mr.Thomas and Mr.George (Post Master) of Nadaikkavu, a post office was started in Fathimanagar. The Transport bus service of no. 82F, PCG 82F are brought through the Fathimanagar route by the help of Rev.Fr.Joshua Thazhathethil.

Succeeding Fr.John Thazhayil, Rev.Fr.Joseph Pilankalai served in this parish for a long period of eleven years from 15-5-1983 to 4-2-1994. After him Rev.Fr.Premkumar served in this parish for two years from 5-2-1994 to 14-2-1996.

Then Rev.Fr.Celestine rendered his service from 15-2-1996 to 9-8-1998, Rev.Fr.George Thavarathil from 10801998 to 2-5-2003. During his period the parish church was extended and a new Altar was blessed. A shine of beautiful structure was also Guilt up.

After him Rev.Fr.Justin did a Valuable service to the parish. During his period, the Presbytery was built and he also helped in the building of a stage and a well for the church. During his period the present DM Convent at Fathimanagar was built. After the service of Rev.Fr.Justin, Rev.Fr. Bernard Nadutheivilai rendered his valuable service for four and a half years. During his period the Platinum Jubilee of the Parish was started. He systematized the faith fountain in the Parish by renewing the Basic Christian Community (BCC) Prayer groups.

Succeeding Rev.Fr.Bernard, rendered his faithful service to the parish. The finale of the platinum jubilee celebrations were very well arranged by Rev.Fr.Aruldas. He started many devotional activities in the shrine and in the church to foster the spiritual formation of the people. He renovated the premises of the shrine. He continues his spiritual service from 24-5-2010.